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LogoInstitute of New Technologies and Automation of Construction Materials Industry was registered legally in December 2000.

Actually, its history began in 1972 when Igor FeliksovichShlegel, the future general director and founder of the institute, graduated from Siberian Automobile and Highway Institute with a degree in “construction and road transport and equipment” and was employed in the position of a draftsman in Design Bureau of Kemerovo plant “Strommashina”.

Here in the Design Bureau he created and implemented into manufacture his first inventions. Later, in 1985 in Omsk he gathered a group of young researches. It was the beginning of full-blown work on improving the technology of semidry brick pressing and developing of totally new equipment.

It was the time when a new concept of automated brick factory appeared. The main aspects of the concept: method of semidry pressing, thorough preparation of raw material, increased pressure for press moulding (at least 400 kg/cm2), a vertical firing kiln, full automation of all technological processes.

With increasing of research area the legal and organizational form was changed: in 1989 – 1991 – RPC (Research and Production Company) “Oblik”, then till 1997 – ZAO “SHL”. During these years the test press (400 kg/cm2) was created, the dryer drum of improved design was developed and implemented into brick manufacture of SK fabric. The brick making factory SHL 100 with shaft firing kiln was built in SerebryanyePrudy of Moscow Oblast. The equipment had functioned more than two years till the closing of the factory because of the administrative reasons.

In 1997 – 2000 ZAO “SHL” was reorganized in OOO “Institute of New Technologies and Automation” (OOO “Inta”). It was developed a project of new semi-dry pressed brick-making factory SHL 300 of modular type with full automation of industrial process control, a press with increased capacity, a shaft firing unit and anautomated system of finished product packaging.

In 2000 rapid development of the institute began due to increasing of material and technical resources and reorganization of OOO “Inta” into OOO “Inta-Story”. The Research and Process department and Development laboratory appeared, topic of research work was extended. New special engineering departments were established. Production facility was enhanced – foamed concrete factory workshop, foam concentrate station, production area of cleaning mixtures.

In December 2010 the unique semi-dry pressed brick-making factorywas brought into operation, which technology and equipment is without equal in Russia. The factory produces whole facing brick of reduced “church” size. Fabric operation proves accuracy of all technological and technical decisions.

In 2012 the existing manufacture was modernized and production of non-autoclaved foamed concrete without chemical admixtures was resumed.



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