Multishredder “Kesar” (Caesar)

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Patent № 2617500

Multishredder “Kesar” (Caesar)”

The shredder “Kesar” (Caesar) is designed for making homogeneous sawdust of good quality with grading fraction less than 5 mm due to grinding wood waste such as packed sawdust of coarse fraction, wood inclusions and long woodchips (with the length up to 100 mm, in thickness up to 2 mm) with moisture content up to 60%.

The use of the shredder allows to get final product of high quality, suitable as raw material for different fields of manufacturing, in particular at timber mills and at combustive additives making plants.


Technical Characteristics

Inta-Story” introduces 2 types of the shredder “Kesar” (Caesar): of fine and coarse grinding, in 3 versions depending on capacity


Designed in “Inta-Story” the multishredder “Kesar” (Caesar) has the following advantages

homogeneous grinding fraction of final product (up to 95% of material less than 5 mm)

processing of material with moisture content up to 60%

grinding of long woodchips (with the length up to 100 mm, in thickness up to 2 mm)

multipurpose usefulness. It can be used for shredding paper, cardboard, foam polystyrene, porous rubber, shuck of sunflower seed and other wastes

a wide range of sets in accordance with type of grinding and capacity

pre-commissioning activities, 12 months guaranty


Principle of operation

Raw material is fed from a feed hopper into the shredder working area. Counter rotating low speed and high speed shafts equipped with cutting disks are installed in the shredder working area. The low speed shaft is used for feeding raw material and the high speed one is for grinding. The coarse raw material is shredded and fine charging feed comes down between the disks due to diameter of cutting disks 300 mm, the disks gap 0,2 mm and rate speed 2000 r/min. This screening without raw material grinding increases the operational life of wear parts (cutting disks).

The shredder for fine grinding is additionally equipped with the second stage of grinding (fig.3) in the form of a vertical rotary mill in which primary grinded raw material is fed for further milling. The rotor and the frame body is equipped with number of special knives at the housing area of the mill. Due to rotary speed 3000 r/min high-quality and homogeneous grinding of sawdust with fraction grade up to 5 mm is achieved. As knives it is used easily accessible and low-cost knife segments of combine header.

Capacity and reliability of the equipment, the quality of final product was confirmed at the manufacturing site.

If raw material has wood or stone inclusions, it should be primary grinded in hammermill.

The shredder “Kesar” (Caesar) is designed as a stand-alone device, but also it’s possible to install it in a working line, consisting of a grinding mill for primary grinding, a tramp-iron separator and transporters.


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